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About us

Planning a wedding is not easy work...
My Event offers its experience and professionalism to make the best choices
Evaluate the suppliers chosen together with you so that your wedding day is what you have always dreamed of
Our strength comes from the wide experience gained in consulting and organizing events
Your wedding will cost less than you would spend with the "do it yourself"
Know the operational aspects of work by ensuring the timely delivery during the definition of the event
Accompany you to every appointment with you checking if the service is provided in the expectations

How many times have you wondered if you can afford a wedding planner? the answer is yes,
We use the transparency of costs with the budget set by you
being specialized in this field know the services market
The advantage of conoscienza widespread local coverage allows us to present dwellings of different sites, sizes and costs.
To large weddings with availability of money is not difficult
But our strength is seen when even with a lower budget you get a professional and qualified service
If you still have doubts visit us equally

It never hurts to go talk to a wedding, nobody forces you to do anything you do not want to do

It is nice to know, though, that you have a choice when it comes to more organize your event

MY EVENT is specializing in the design, organization and management of events.


Wedding Planner
Logistical and Creative

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